Lecture 246 – The Gospel According to St. Isaiah Chapter 60 Part 4

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Isaiah Chapter 60 Part 4
Rev. Brian L. KachelmeierĀ 

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In this lecture, we continue our discussion on chapter 60.

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2 thoughts on “Lecture 246 – The Gospel According to St. Isaiah Chapter 60 Part 4

  1. Pastor Brian,
    I need to appologize before someone tells you I’ve been shooting off my mouth. I told Pastor Wilkin that you seemed flat, that is, exhausted. I was a bit hard on you and I shouldn’t have been. It looks like you got some help with the podcast, this week. Let me guess, the passages from Hebrews you found. Others found the rest. Isn’t it wonderful to have friends who help? I think chapter 60 part 4 is the best I’ve ever seen. However, let the angels take charge over you and go visit someone special to you. Maybe you’ll feel better if you do. May the peace that passes all understanding be with you

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